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Audrey Tautou in L'Odyssee, directed by
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The 21st annual COLCOA FRENCH FILM FESTIVAL is here, presenting nine days of premieres at the Directors Guild Theater in Hollywood. Some highlights from the first few days of the fest: L’OPÉRA—a documentary about the Paris Opera, and a worthy complement to Frederick Wiseman’s La Danse (2009)—screens Tuesday evening, April 25 at 5 pm. Later that night, rustic […]


Jane Jacobs, 1961.
Image credit: New York World-Telegram and the Sun Newspaper Photograph Collection

“[Jane Jacobs’] name still summons an entire city vision—the much watched corner, the mixed-use neighborhood—and her holy tale is all the stronger for including a nemesis of equal stature: Robert Moses, the Sauron of the street corner. The New York planning dictator wanted to drive an expressway through lower Manhattan, and was defeated, the legend […]


Miriam Jakob in The Dreamed Path (2016), directed by Angela Schanelec
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Curated by Acropolis Cinema founder Jordan Cronk and co-artistic director Robert Koehler, the inaugural edition of the LOCARNO IN LOS ANGELES film festival will run from April 21–23 at the Downtown Independent cinema. Ten features—all local premieres—from nine countries will bring the best of the 69th Locarno Festival to Los Angeles. Organized with the Swiss Consulate General […]


Still from the film This Brutal House, directed by Scott Carthy, based on a concept by Simon Burch, sound design by Gary Gunn.
Image courtesy of The 14th Factory and Scott Carthy. Special thanks to Gloria Yu.

My favorite attraction at the old-school, long-gone amusement park of my childhood was Aladdin’s Castle, a dimly lit wonderland of tilted floors, collapsing stairways, and mirrored mazes. In 2017, just north of the L.A River, an art funhouse has moved into a repurposed factory in Lincoln Heights. Conceived by British-born, Hong Kong-based artist Simon Birch, […]


Days of Youth, directed by Yasujirô Ozu
Image credit: UCLA Film and Television Archive

Before assuming his signature style—restrained domestic dramas shot with an often stationary camera set just below waist level—Yasujiro Ozu had a rich silent period made up of comedies, gangster films, and stories of Japanese family life between the wars. This weekend, as part of their “Hollywood and Holy Wood: Silent Connections Between Los Angeles and […]


Anthony Bonaventura (foreground) in Somewhere Beautiful
Image credit: Somewhere Beautiful The Film.

Albert Kodagolian will present his debut film, SOMEWHERE BEAUTIFUL (2014), on a special night of movie(s), music, and conversation at Cinefamily. Inspired by Atom Egoyan’s Calendar (1993), Kodagolian and Egoyan will be on hand to introduce and discuss their films. A set by musicians Andrea Silva and Avi Buffalo—who wrote several original songs for Kodagolian’s film—will follow the screening. SOMEWHERE […]


Image: All These Sleepless Nights press photo.

Three years ago, director Michal Marczak—not quite aged out of the scene—immersed himself in the club and party culture of Warsaw’s early-twenty-somethings, determined to cast and document this army of would-be lovers in their endless summer dance of intense and fleeting pleasures. “I knew it was now or never,” Marczak said at a recent screening […]