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Scott Shepherd and Ari Fliakos as Norman and Norman, and Kate Valk as Jill Johnston, in the Wooster Group production of The Town Hall Affair, at Redcat.
Photograph by Steven Gunther


In the 1960s and ’70s, Norman Mailer was America’s loudest public intellectual, a boozing, brawling cartoon of machismo who was, nevertheless, a leading man of the Establishment Left. (He was a co-founder of The Village Voice and wrote Armies of the Night, a landmark text on the anti-Vietnam War movement.*) After Kate Millett, in her book […]


"PARIS LA is born of shared perspectives. It’s a project, like a love story, that comes from the feeling of being in one place, thinking about another. A place between two cities, between scenes, between people, that exists only in the space of our imagination. In Paris, dreaming of the Pacific. Speaking French in LA. And it’s as true as a clear blue sky above us."—Dorothée Perret, editor, publisher and founder (Paris, November 9, 2008)

L.A. Contemporary Dance Company
Photograph by Taso Papadakis


What: L.A. CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY DONOR APPRECIATION EVENT & OPEN REHEARSAL When: Friday, March 24th at 7:00 pm. Where: Brockus Project Space, 618b Moulton Ave, Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. Come out and support one of our great local dance troupes. Founded at USC by Kate Hutter (choreographer and theater design major) and Michelle Jolly (business major), for […]