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from Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future, 1940-1990

WEEKLY WRAP UP | SEPT. 15-19, 2014

  This week on the blog Alexandra Ruiz of Madame Paris joined the team. Check out all of our postings! Erica Baum : The Paper Nautilus at Bureau Harald Lander and William Forsythe at Opera Garnier Machine Project at Gamble House Cory Arcangel: tl;dr at Team (bungalow) in Venice, CA Jonathan Binet & Martin Laborde […]

About this blog

PARIS, LA blog is about the magic accidents of life. It’s about artists, writers, photographers, musicians and designers that cross our mind, and our heart for a day, a season, a life! It refers to a vital substance that nourishes, and inspires our soul day by day. A sort of vivid shadow that gives birth twice a year to a print magazine named PARIS, LA.
—Dorothée Perret



The Church of Notre-Dame du Raincy is a modern church built between 1922-23 by the French architects Auguste and Gustave Perret. It is sometimes called the “Holy Chapel of Reinforced Concrete,” and it has the peculiar particularity of being the first place of worship built in France using grey cement. Le Corbusier was Auguste Perret’s assistant, who […]


On Sunday night, the British prog rock band Yes, played albums Close to the Edge and Fragile in their entirety at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. For a fan who wasn’t around during Yes’s heyday in the early 1970s this was the next best thing. 67 year old guitarist Steve Howe held two guitars in his […]



Last week I went to Le Louvre to visit the new installation of  the Department of Decorative Art from Louis XIV to Louis XVI. Three main chronological and stylistic sequences make up the exhibition. So perfect to have an overview and to clear your mind between French Kings. – 1660-1725: Louis XIV’s personal reign and the Régence – […]



This weekend, Titan Arum (Amorphophallus titanum), one of the largest flowering plants in the world, bloomed at the Huntington Library & Gardens. Titan Arum is also known by the nickname “The Corpse Flower,” for the awful scent it gives off. The plant only flowers every couple of years, for about two days at a time, and it […]

1961 photograph by Ralph Crane documenting “Black Cat Auditions in Hollywood.”  

For Tales of Terror (1962) by Roger Corman

WEEKLY WRAP UP | AUG. 18-22, 2014

This week we started off with some documentation of Another Cats Show at 356 Mission, Los Angeles, announced an evening of powerpoint presentations at Machine Project by the Los Angeles Seminary for Civic and Embodied Art (LASECA), shared photographs from the Peter Hujar exhibition at Maureen Paley in London, watched the 1959 film The Savage Eye, […]