In the alley to the left just after you pass Arsenale’s ticket gate, look for the door under the lit neon sign. Enter and experience UNTITLED (HOLDING HORIZON), the performance work by Alex Baczynski-Jenkins.

UNTITLED (HOLDING HORIZON) draws on the box step, a basic movement used in several social dances, to explore collectivity, subjectivity, queer embodiment and desire. Synchronized movements co-exist with moments of slippage and letting go, each performer embodying individual and shared gestures and affections. The performers both affect, and become affected by, the live sound and light mixing. In this altered state, the box step becomes a container for the relational force that resides in moving with others.”*


Friday, May 10, from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Venice Biennale

Arsenale alley, Venice.

Alex Baczynski-Jenkins, Untitled (Holding Horizon), Frieze Art Fair performance, 2018. Photographs by Linda Nylind, images courtesy the photographer and the artists.

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