One of the highlights of the recently concluded New Original Works Festival 2019 was BL**DY SPAGHETTI, a performance piece by Austyn Rich for two dancers.

Partnering with Alvaro Montelongo—Rich’s fellow graduate of the inaugural class of USC’s Glorya Kaufman School of Dance—the performers diagram an encounter between sailors in opposition, communicating desire and fear through anguished movement and deferred symmetries.

The music for BL**DY SPAGHETTI is by Cody Perkins, and the wardrobe by Pierre of No Sesso.*

See “Warm Bodies, No Sesso—The Art of Pierre Davis.” PARIS LA 16 (2018): 136–143.

Austyn Rich, Bl**dy Spaghetti, August 8, 2019, Redcat, from top: Austyn Rich; Rich (left) and Alvaro Montelongo (2); Montelongo and Rich (5); Rich; Montelongo (2); Rich and Montelongo (2); Rich. Photographs by Vanessa Crocini. Images courtesy and © the photographer, the artists, and Redcat.

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