“We can talk about the ways in which America as a country functions as a predator – meaning that the engine of America preys on everyone, and it is only selective in the type of bloodsucking that it does.” – Alicia Garza*

Is Amy Herzog’s BELLEVILLE – in which a young married couple (played by Anna Camp and Thomas Sadoski) struggle to convey to a Pasadena Playhouse audience what it is about themselves that might be interesting or attractive or of value – a wicked satire on American arrogance, selfishness, and depredation? Mesmerized by how much damage they can inflict on one another – and comically clueless about their irresponsibility and waste – the fact that Abby and Zack are reasonably nice, college-educated, and politically liberal (living as they do in the multicultural, east Paris neighborhood of the title) is Herzog’s sly twist on this latest iteration of the not-so-beautiful American, leaving a mess for the world to clean up.


BELLEVILLE, through May 13.

PASADENA PLAYHOUSE, 39 South El Molino Avenue, downtown Pasadena.

*Aaron Hicklin, “Talkin’ Bout a Revolution,” conversation with Alicia Garza and Asia Kate Dillon, Out, May 2018, 71.

Anna Camp and Thomas Sadoski in Belleville. Photograph by Philicia Endelman.

In 'Belleville,' two Americans in Paris head into Hitchcock territory


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