There’s an Édouard Glissant text I read with my students called For Opacity.” It’s not specifically about images, but how “understanding” is a type of imperialism, that there’s a right that people have to opacity. — Em Rooney

WOMEN IN FICTION—Rooney’s Los Angeles show of new sculptural and photographic work—has been extended.

See link below for appointment information.


Through January 23, by appointment.

François Ghebaly

2245 East Washington Boulevard, downtown Los Angeles.

Em Rooney, Women in Fiction, François Ghebaly, December 12, 2020–January 23, 2021, from top: Poppy for Emi Wada, 2020, blackened and welded steel, rice paper, water soluble oil paint, thread; Jennie C. Jones at Her After Party, 2020, pewter, poplar, aluminum leaf, museum glass, silver gelatin print; Girl Spinning, 2020, pewter, poplar, aluminum leaf, museum glass, silver gelatin print; Good Wombs Make Bad Sons, 2020 (2), welded steel, burlap and Hydrocal, enamel paint, epoxy resin, laser copies; Lady Macbeth, 2020 (2), blackened and welded steel, glass, linen, paste wax, yarn; Queen of Cups, 2020 (2), welded steel, Hydrocal and burlap, aluminum leafing, heat blankets, epoxy resin; Burned Fox-like in Spring, 2020; Certain Fields Blow Green Forever (detail), 2020, frame materials (not shown) are pewter, poplar, copper leaf, oil stick, museum glass, silver gelatin print. Images © Em Rooney, courtesy of the artist and François Ghebaly.

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