Henry Taylor gave Grant Levy-Lucero his first show—at Taylor’s 3rd. Street studio/gallery in Los Angeles. For his current Night Gallery exhibition, Levy-Lucero has since shifted from textile works to pottery.

“Much of the imagery that I use for the pots come from hand-painted signs hidden all over the city. That started about six years ago with this photography project. Initially, photographing signs was just a way to explore the city, map certain areas, and create landmarks…

“I find inspiration in the color palette, the imagery, the unique culture, and the canon of L.A.” — Grant Levy-Lucero*


GRANT LEVY-LUCERO—CENTRAL, through January 13.

NIGHT GALLERY, 2276 East 16th Street Los Angeles.

Grant Levy-Lucero in his studio.

Grant Levy-Lucero, Tony’s Hardware Discount, Pinol, 2017.



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