On June 1, the Centre d’édition contemporaine in Geneva presents a new artist’s book from Jean–Michel Wicker, #PICTUREBOOK1, an overview of Wicker’s recent work.

“Playing with multiple typographic combinations and layouts that spill over several pages….#PICTUREBOOK1 disseminates comments on and questions about recurring themes like identity, sexuality, autonomy, freedom, resistance, and transgression in the larger and richer field of culture and anti-culture. While the different assemblages of letters offer multiple typographic études like musical scales, the repetitive system is put to the test, creating nearly abstract geometrical pages. The artist’s #PICTUREBOOK1 likewise features sketches and freer drawings, and lays out images, details, and signs that appear from one page to the next, a surprising variation on the page layout.”*

JEAN–MICHEL WICKER—#PICTUREBOOK1 presentation, Thursday, June 1, at 6 pm.

CENTRE D’ÉDITION CONTEMPORAINE GENÈVE, 15 rue des Rois, Quartier des Bains, Geneva

Jean-Michel Wicker, from his 2014 e industrial show at Cubitt Gallery, London, and reproduced in #Picturebook 1. Image credit: Cubitt, and Jean-Michel Wicker

Jean-Michel Wicker, from his e industrial show (2014) at Cubitt Gallery, London, and reproduced in #picturebook1.
Image credit: Cubitt Gallery, and Jean-Michel Wicker

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