Julie Verhoeven – Your Fly Is Open

At Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Opening on May, 25


Under the title Your Fly is Open, Julie Verhoeven presents an installation consisting of three videos, in which she refers to jewellery and ceramics from the museum’s collection. Verhoeven herself describes the piece, with its extravagant and disturbing sensuality, evoked by the various projections, music, cushions and coloured fabrics, as a combination of ‘Barbara Cartland’s boudoir and a disco-hippy’s den’.


About the artist :

The work of British artist Julie Verhoeven (Sevenoaks, 1969), has been described as ‘feminine, cheerful, seductive and wicked at the same time’. Commissions to date include designs for John Galliano, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry. Her drawings, sculptures, assemblages, installations and films are, however, a lot more weird, raw and ambiguous than you normally find in the fashion world.

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