Kalup Linzy will give a talk at Carnegie Mellon University this week as part of the Visiting Artist Lecture series at the School of Art.

Linzy is a multidisciplinary performance artist whose works employ a variety of pop cultural forms to explore cultural identities and gender fluidity and boundaries. Working across various mediums—including video, performance, photography, collage, fashion, television, music, and film—Linzy creates complex characters who are linked together to form an invented “family tree.” *


Tuesday, October 1, at 6:30 pm.

Carnegie Mellon University

Kresge Theatre

5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh.

From top: Will Lytch, Kalup Linzy as Taiwan. courtesy and © the artist, the photographer, and USF Graphicstudio; Kalup Linzy, Resemblance (Crowns Starts Love), 2018, gouache and photo collage, courtesy and © the artist and David Castillo Gallery, Miami Beach; Linzy in a scene from his work Keys to Our Hearts, a sendup of The Color Purple, photograph courtesy and © the artist and Taxter & Spengemann; Linzy, courtesy of the artist.

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