On Saturday evening I went to a performance by Katie Grinnan’s Astrology Orchestra, which took place in the center of Michael Parker’s outdoor installation “The Unfinished.” (You can read my blog post about Michael Parker’s “The Unfinished” here.)

The LA River

The LA River

The LA River was looking quite green and lush.

Roadrunner Nest

Roadrunner Nest

It was surprising and somewhat sad to see this roadrunner who had made her nest in a crack in the pavement right next to the installation. Good luck protecting those eggs little roadrunner!

Katie Grinnan's Wizard Brew

Katie Grinnan’s Wizard Brew: Summer Solstice Egyptian Ale

Katie Grinnan’s Wizard Brew, a “Summer Solstice Egyptian Ale,” was available before the performance and ran out quickly. It was a pretty tasty home brew that was sweet, with a hint of honey flavor. I really loved the care that went into the presentation.


At first I thought the handmade instruments were drums, but upon closer inspection it became clear that they were large stringed instruments, meant to be plucked.


The performance started as the sun began to set. It was a beautiful evening with the dissonant sounds of the music amplified by speakers projecting out into the changing colors of the sky.


The composition was based on Katie Grinnan’s astrological birth chart. Each performer began with Aries and went through the entire zodiac, switching from sign to sign at the sound of a bell. A metronome kept the time, and when it stopped, the performance stopped.


It was a lovely night of experimental music, good people, cold drinks, and the sun setting behind Griffith Park and the L.A. River in the distance. For a little taste of the performance follow this link: Katie Grinnan’s Astrology Orchestra June 21, 2014



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