In KATJA MATER—DEAR SIDES, the artist reveals “a different or alternative experience of reality… midway between information and interpretation.”

Creating “hybrids between photography or film with other media,” the interactions within Mater’s work “[blends and binds] them together, where they behave as one but at the same time reveal each other’s distinctive qualities and glitches.”*

I live in a text driven world with a severely dyslectic brain. Because of my dyslexia it often feels like things can flip around, and do, while it does not make that much of a difference to me. I can read almost as fast up-side-down as right-side-up. Left to right or right to left…

Why is it that dyslectics flip their letters, their numbers, follow their own logic and invent their own ways? People with dyslexia do not naturally process written words or take on tasks in a linear manner, they do not work their way from left to right or top to bottom. They tend to approach the world in a more visual way and take in word as shapes from all angles. While writing, they “draw a picture using letters” and orientation does not seem that important. — Katja Mater*


Through October 20.


Sunday, October 13, at 5:30 pm.

Platform for Contemporary Art


Zeeburgerpad 53, Amsterdam.

This exhibition is in memory of Ruud Molleman.

Katja Mater—Dear Sides, Platform for Contemporary Art, September–October 2019, from top: Janus, 2019; Dear Sides, 2019, film installation, with Janus in background (2); <✺> A, B, C, 2019; “ ”, 2019 (2); Dare Not / Read On, 2019 (2); Mischievous Mirrors, 2019; Dear Sides, 2019 (2); Katja Mater—Dear Sides, P///AKT image. Photographs by Charlott Markus, images courtesy and © the artist and P////AKT. Special thanks to Jessica Gysel and Valeria Marchesini.

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