Mira Dancy’s deployment of mythology and expressive lines puts her wholly in the wet, messy lineage of neo-expressionism—a movement riddled with a history of macho market darlings…

“But under Dancy’s brush, this fluid style gets a necessary jolt of feminism and a dark, gothy charm (closer to OG expressionists James Ensor and George Grosz) that was too often lost in those ’80s pastel swirls and sploogy paint.” — Andrew Berardini


January 20 through Febrauary 24

Night Gallery

2276 East 16th Street Los Angeles.

Top: Mira Dancy, High Hell, 2017.

Above: Mira Dancy, Blue Dam, 2017.

Below: Mira Dancy, Cardinal Red, 2017.

Images courtesy the artist and Night Gallery.

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