Moses Sumney is a folk musician who has been on a meteoric rise to fame over the last two years since he finished his undergraduate studies at UCLA. In 2012, his single “Man on the Moon” was featured on Pitchfork, and since then Sumney has performed with Karen O. and Beck, and toured with Local Natives and Sufjan Stevens.


Sumney’s softly crooning lullabies and love songs combine simple instrumental guitar, vocal beats, and lyrics, with their veneer rubbed raw. Tracks like “Man on the Moon”, “Plastic”, and “Dwell in the Dark” bear the patina of age–thrumming not with the tune of a particular era but the nostalgia of memory. On other tracks like “Everlasting Sigh” and “Replacable”, Sumney experiments with beatboxing and vocal percussion to produce richly textured rhythms.

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