Last November, local audiences caught a single screening of João Pedro Rodrigues O ORNITÓLOGO at the AFI festival, and now it’s back for a full-week run at the Nuart.

O ORNITÓLOGO is consistently unsettling, but it also simultaneously allows us to enter a meditative zone, savoring the stately grandeur of the images as well as the startling competency of Fernando, a fetishized stud from the Jason Statham Institute of Abs and Buttocks who weathers danger with comic unflappability.

“Rodrigues is a rapt and daring formalist, who stages suspense-film set pieces as if they’re moments from an observational documentary, grounding heightened tropes in a convincing faux-reality. He also has a perversely unruly streak that gradually comes to O ORNITÓLOGO’s fore. The first hour suggests the film that might have resulted if Tarkovsky had directed a 1970s Australian thriller, but Rodrigues is ultimately after different aesthetic game.” — Chuck Bowen

Rodrigues dubs Hamy’s voice throughout the film—a doubling that, by the end of the film, takes corporeal form.


Through July 6.


11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.

From top: Paul Hamy in O Ornitólogo (2016); Hamy (left) and Xelo Cagiao (2)Image credit: Strand Releasing.

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