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On Saturday evening I went to a performance by Katie Grinnan’s Astrology Orchestra, which took place in the center of Michael Parker’s outdoor installation “The Unfinished.” (You can read my blog post about Michael Parker’s “The Unfinished” here.)

The LA River

The LA River

The LA River was looking quite green and lush.

Roadrunner Nest

Roadrunner Nest

It was surprising and somewhat sad to see this roadrunner who had made her nest in a crack in the pavement right next to the installation. Good luck protecting those eggs little roadrunner!

Katie Grinnan's Wizard Brew

Katie Grinnan’s Wizard Brew: Summer Solstice Egyptian Ale

Katie Grinnan’s Wizard Brew, a “Summer Solstice Egyptian Ale,” was available before the performance and ran out quickly. It was a pretty tasty home brew that was sweet, with a hint of honey flavor. I really loved the care that went into the presentation.


At first I thought the handmade instruments were drums, but upon closer inspection it became clear that they were large stringed instruments, meant to be plucked.


The performance started as the sun began to set. It was a beautiful evening with the dissonant sounds of the music amplified by speakers projecting out into the changing colors of the sky.


The composition was based on Katie Grinnan’s astrological birth chart. Each performer began with Aries and went through the entire zodiac, switching from sign to sign at the sound of a bell. A metronome kept the time, and when it stopped, the performance stopped.


It was a lovely night of experimental music, good people, cold drinks, and the sun setting behind Griffith Park and the L.A. River in the distance. For a little taste of the performance follow this link: Katie Grinnan’s Astrology Orchestra June 21, 2014




The prize-winning coiffures in a contest in Munich, Germany on May 1, 1964. They were designed for evening wear and hairdressers said anyone with a little time can copy them. (AP Photo)

The prize-winning coiffures in a contest in Munich, Germany on May 1, 1964. They were designed for evening wear and hairdressers said anyone with a little time can copy them. (AP Photo)

MAY 26th – 30th, 2014

MONDAY: Photographs of The Huntington Library and Gardens in Pasadena California, where beautiful cacti are in bloom in the desert gardens.

TUESDAY: The first ever LA River campout. Hang out with the folks at Clockshop, learn how to camp under the stars, make a fire, pitch a tent, and cook outdoors.

WEDNESDAY: Internet art collective The JOGGING presents a screening with MOCAtv in Los Angeles.

THURSDAY: San Francisco magazine-in-a-box THE THING QUARTERLY comes to Los Angeles to launch their latest issue with artist David Korty at Night Gallery.

FRIDAY: J’ai Froid. Chill out at this exhibition of artwork from Northern Europe at castillo/corrales, on view until July 26 in Paris.




ClockshopCA State Parks, and MRCA are hosting the first-ever LA River public campout. We are pleased to present a late-afternoon of outdoor exploration at the Rio de Los Angeles Bowtie parcel followed by a traditional campfire program and night under the stars. This one-night opportunity will allow Angelenos a chance to camp inside the city, on the banks of the scenic LA River Glendale Narrows.

Location: Rio de Los Angeles Bowtie Parcel | 2800 Casitas Ave. (apprx.) | L.A., CA 90039 | Map/Directions

Lila Higgins of the L.A. Natural History Museum, Kat Superfisky of Mia Lehrer + Associates Landscape-Architecture  firm and a MRCA Ranger will conduct a guided exploratory walk, discuss the native environs and plant life along the river, and lead participants through memory mapping exercises using aerial imagery from do-it-yourself balloon mapping efforts at the site of Michael Parker’s sculpture “The Unfinished.” Artist and veteran camper Michael Parker will also be on-site sharing camping tips and info about the sculpture.

Apprx Schedule:

4:30 – 6pm   Memory Mapping Workshop
6:30 – 8pm   Dinner*

Sunset Campfire led by CA State Parks + MRCA

+ Additional activities throughout the evening.

* Food is bring your own – we will have a large BBQ grill on-site so bring all your favorite grillables!

RSVP Required. A limited number of campsites will be available by reservation on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Park Rangers onsite throughout the entirety of the event
  • Portable toilet and fire pit available
  • Traditional camping gear recommended including tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, chairs, lanterns/flashlights/headlamps, cooking and eating utensils, cooler, water, and snacks
  • No dogs allowed.

We especially welcome first time family campers by offering full camping set-ups, including tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads (by reservation only) courtesy of CA State Parks and the FamCamp trailer program. RSVP below and email info@clockshop.org to request your gear.


Drawing by Michael Parker from the Clockshop website

Drawing by Michael Parker from the Clockshop website

The Unfinished is a temporary public sculpture by artist Michael Parker, produced by Los Angeles arts and culture non-profit the Clockshop. According to the press release,

The Unfinished is an obelisk-shaped excavation located along the banks of the channelized LA River. The horizontal excavation, dug into and through the asphalt of an empty industrial lot, will be a 137-foot to-scale replica of the Ancient Egyptian archeological site known as “The Unfinished Obelisk” For 6 months Parker will coordinate an array of collaborative events and performances on and around the obelisk. “The Unfinished” is a public action in the form of a temporary monument.

The Unfinished is on view until September 12, 2014, and is located in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles, next to the L.A. River. Directions are available here. Make sure to check the Clockshop calendar for announcements about upcoming programs in conjunction with the exhibition.

the first dig (photo from Clockshop tumblr)

the first dig (photo from Clockshop tumblr)

during the excavation (photo from angiedesign)

during the excavation (photo from angiedesign)

(photo from Clockshop tumblr)

(photo from Clockshop tumblr)