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In REINVENTING MARVIN, the prolific director Anne Fontaine and her co-writer Pierre Trividic start with the premise established by Édouard Louis’ autobiographical novel The End of Eddy—a besieged, effeminate boy (Jules Porier) growing up in rural northern France—and brings their protagonist (played as a young man by Finnegan Oldfield) to Paris, where he attempts to write and stage a one-man show with the help of a sugar daddy (Charles Berling), a theater director (Vincent Macaigne), and an actress (Isabelle Huppert, as herself).

This week, Outfest will present the Los Angeles premiere of this highly anticipated drama at the Directors Guild, with a post-screening reception.


REINVENTING MARVIN, Tuesday, July 17, at 7 pm.

DIRECTORS GUILD, 7920 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.


Charles Berling (left) and Finnegan Oldfield in Reinventing Marvin.

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Call it daring, call it facile, call it the Cinema of Unease, Bertrand Bonello’s new film NOCTURAMA gets an encore screening tonight at the Downtown Independent.

“The new Bonello is a terrorism thriller like no other, recalling Bresson’s Le Diable probablement as much as it does Dawn of the Dead. We follow a group of tense, shifty adolescents as they prowl the streets and subways of Paris, learning through carefully delineated sequences that they’re already well underway with a bombing plot.”*

The film stars Martin Guyot, Manal Issa, Ilias Le Doré, Hamza Meziani, Finnegan Oldfield, Vincent Rottiers, Laure Valentinelli.

NOCTURAMA, Friday, August 18, at 8 pm.

DOWNTOWN INDEPENDENT, 251 South Main Street, downtown Los Angeles.

*  downtownindependent.com/events/nocturama-back-by-popular-demand

Scenes from Nocturama. Image credit: Wild Bunch.