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No one sees anything. Ever. They watch, but they don’t understand. — Diane de Monx (Connie Nielson) in Demonlover

The minute people started using the word “content,” it led to this idea of software versus hardware. The culture has shifted in favor of hardware. People are not on the side of art, which becomes content. They’re on the side of the computer. The computer embodies power. People have gotten used to the fact that they are ready to invest in the hardware… But they have a major problem paying very little money to buy a newspaper or a film. That’s the moment when art becomes content. — Olivier Assayas

The 2K restoration of Assayas’ unrated director’s cut of DEMONLOVER is streaming now in Film at Lincoln Center’s Virtual Cinema. See link below for details.


Written and directed by Olivier Assayas.

Film at Lincoln Center—Virtual Cinema

Now streaming.

Olivier Assayas, Demonlover (2002), from top: Connie Nielsen; Chloë Sevigny; Demonlover poster; Gina Gershon; Charles Berling; Demonlover. Images courtesy and © the filmmaker, MK2, and Janus Films.