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SIGN OF THE TIMES / TIMES OF THE SIGN—an exhibition curated by Julia Schleicher, tracing the parallel working lives of Hanne Darboven and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt—is on view in London.

Hanne Darboven submitted her works to a clear, artist-defined structure that allowed her to generate a visual form for the contingencies and relationships that emerged from the numerical process. Darboven’s method strikes a contrast to Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, who composed her work using patterns and combinations of typewriter characters. Despite their differences, both artists shared an interest in the productive potential of external structures.*


Through September 19, by appointment.

Sprüth Magers

7A Grafton Street, Mayfair, London.

From top: Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Divided Planet, circa mid-1970s, carbon copy of original typewriting; Hanne Darboven, Untitled (Early Construction Drawings New York), 1966 / 1967, pencil and ballpoint on graph paper; Hanne Darboven, Dostojewski, Monat Januar, 1990, ink and silver gelatin silver print on paper; Darboven, photograph by Angelika Platen; Wolf-Rehfeldt, portrait, circa 1960, courtesy and © Robert Rehfeldt and Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt; Hanne Darboven, Untitled (Early Construction Drawings New York), 1966 / 1967, pencil on paper; Hanne Darboven, Ost-West-Demokratie, 1983, felt-tip pen on postcards, textile flags of the Soviet Union, United States, GDR, and BRD. Images courtesy and © Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, the Hanne Darboven Foundation, and Sprüth Magers.


Join ART-RITE founding co-editor Walter Robinson, Pat Steir, Robin Winters, moderator Carlo McCormick, and host Jeffrey Deitch for a panel discussion and launch of the facsimile reprint of ART-RITE.

Collected in a 600-plus-page volume, this co-publication of Primary Information and Printed Matter contains all twenty issues of the newsprint magazine edited by Robinson, Edit DeAk, and Joshua Cohn—who would leave after issue 7—between 1973 and 1978.

(DeAk, Robinson, Sol LeWitt, and Lucy Lippard were among Printed Matter’s 1976 co-founders.)

Contributors to ART-RITE included Vito Acconci, Kathy Acker, Bas Jan Ader, Laurie Anderson, David Antin, John Baldessari, Jennifer Bartlett, Gregory Battcock, Lynda Benglis, Mel Bochner, Christian Boltanski, AA Bronson, Marcel Broodthaers, Trisha Brown, Chris Burden, Daniel Buren, Scott Burton, Ulises Carrión, Judy Chicago, Lucinda Childs, Christo, Diego Cortez, Hanne Darboven, Agnes Denes, Ralston Farina, Richard Foreman, Peggy Gale, Gilbert and George, John Giorno, Philip Glass, Leon Golub, Guerrilla Art Action Group, Julia Heyward, Nancy Holt, Ray Johnson, Joan Jonas, Richard Kern, Lee Krasner, Shigeko Kubota, Les Levine, Sol LeWitt, Lucy Lippard, Babette Mangolte, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Gordon Matta-Clark, Rosemary Mayer, Annette Messager, Elizabeth Murray, Alice Neel, Brian O’Doherty, Genesis P-Orridge, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, Judy Pfaff, Lil Picard, Yvonne Rainer, Dorothea Rockburne, Ed Ruscha, Robert Ryman, David Salle, Julian Schnabel, Carolee Schneemann, Richard Serra, Sylvia Sleigh, Jack Smith, Patti Smith, Robert Smithson, Holly Solomon, Naomi Spector, Nancy Spero, Pat Steir, Frank Stella, David Tremlett, Richard Tuttle, Alan Vega, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, Lawrence Weiner, Hannah Wilke, Robert Wilson, and Irene von Zahn.


Tuesday, December 10, at 7 pm.

Jeffrey Deitch

18 Wooster Street, New York City.

From top: Art-Rite (2); Edit DeAk, photograph by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders; Walter Robinson, photograph by Greenfield-Sanders; Art-Rite facsimile reprint cover; Art-Rite cover by Christo; Art-Rite launch card. Images courtesy and © the photographer, Walter Robinson, Primary Information, and Printed Matter.