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John Douglas Millar’s BRUTALIST READINGS—“a significant intervention into recent debates on the place of literature and writing in the context of contemporary art”*—brings together ten new essays by the London-based writer.

Here is Millar on Pierre Guyotat, on “conceptual writing and its discontents,” on Paul [Beatriz] Preciado’s Testo Junkie and Lauren Oldfield Ford’s Savage Messiah, on the October generation and the novels of Chris Kraus, on the critical misreadings of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades as a “roadmap” to everything from Burroughs and Acker to surfing the web.

BRUTALIST READINGS concludes with a 2012 conversation between Millar and Simon Critchley, the author of The Ethics of DeconstructionVery Little…Almost Nothing, Memory Theatre, and Bowie.

John Douglas MillarBRUTALIST READINGS (Berlin: Sternberg Press, 2016).


See: conversations.e-flux.com/john-douglas-millar

Image credit: Sternberg Press.