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Sandro (Leandro Faria Lelo)—distracted by sexual jealousy to the point of transfixion—lives in a rural Brazilian factory town where the same cast of characters circle one another at work, in the market, by the company pool, and out in the forests, where male blue-collar laborers meet for sex, real and imagined.

In Daniel Nolasco’s DRY WIND / VENTO SECO—an unrestrained erotic thriller of the school of João Pedro Rodrigues, Julián Hernández, Yann Gonzalez, and Nicolas Winding Refn—the viewer is swept into Sandro’s neon-lit fantasies and dreams as he attempts to supplant a growing sense of alienation and nihilism with the corporeal form of co-worker Maicon (Rafael Theophilo).

The film is streaming now at 2020 Outfest Los Angeles. See link below for details.


2020 Outfest Los Angeles

Available through Tuesday, August 25, until 11:59 pm.

Daniel Nolasco, Dry Wind / Vento seco (2020), from top: Leandro Faria Lelo (left) and Allan Jacinto Santana; Rafael Theophilo; Faria Lelo; Theophilo (left) and Jacinto Santana; Dry Wind / Vento seco film poster; Dry Wind / Vento seco, at the Al Parker club (2); Theophilo (left); Faria Lelo and Jacinto Santana. Images courtesy and © the filmmaker, the actors, the photographers, The Open Reel, and Panaceia Filmes.