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Ben (Matthew Fifer) meets Sam (Sheldon D. Brown) browsing-cruising the Strand bookstore bargain bin in CICADA, a collaboration between the film’s co-stars. The actors brought their own histories of trauma to the screenplay, which Ben powers through with a steady flow of wisecracks and Sam negotiates with caution. Shot through what seems like an endless golden hour, CICADA is also a love letter to New York, celebrating the kind of freedom and spontaneity that has largely gone missing over the last seven months.

As part of Newfest 2020, CICADA—directed by Fifer and Kieran Mulcare—screens this weekend at the Brooklyn Drive-In, preceded by a Brooklyn Boys program of short films. A post-screening Q & A with the filmmakers is also scheduled. See link below for details.


Newfest 2020

Saturday, October 24.

Brooklyn Boys shorts program at 7:30 pm.

Cicada at 8:15 pm

Q & A at 9:45 pm.

Brooklyn Drive-In

Brooklyn Army Terminal

80 58th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Matthew Fifer and Kieran Mulcare, Cicada (2020), from top: Sheldon D. Brown (left) and Matthew Fifer; Cobie Smulders and Fifer; Brown; Brown and Fifer (2). Images courtesy and © the filmmakers and the actors.