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WEEKLY WRAP UP | JUNE 16 – 24, 2014

1950s SKYWAYS HOTEL Los Angeles Vintage Postcard

1950s SKYWAYS HOTEL Los Angeles Vintage Postcard

MONDAY: Elaine Stocki‘s bizarre and wonderful photographs at Thomas Erben Gallery in New York

TUESDAY: A review in pictures of the “Made in L.A.” exhibition at The Hammer AND Anna Linzer‘s beautiful new book Home Waters

WEDNESDAY: DoPe Press at “I NEVER READArt Book Fair Basel with Oscar Tuazon‘s new book & a new edition by jewelry maker Ligia Dias AND Ann Veronica Janssens at Micheline Szwajcer‘s new gallery in Brussels

THURSDAY: Decorum,” a new exhibition of carpets and tapestries in Shanghai AND Sturtevant at Julia Stoschek’s collection in Düsseldorf

FRIDAY: A new summer group exhibition at Francois Ghebaly Gallery, Square(s)

SATURDAY: A sneak preview of collector Herman Daled‘s home in Brussels


Our very own DoPe Press will be at I NEVER READ, ART BOOK FAIR BASEL, this week!

DoPe Press will be presenting LIVE, a new book by American artist Oscar Tuazon, and MAGAZINE, a new edition by Swiss, Paris-based jewelry maker Ligia Dias.

On Thursday, June 19th at 5pm, Oscar Tuazon and Ligia Dias will both be present for a signing at the DoPe Press booth.

June 18 – 21 2014 at Volkshaus Basel

Opening night:
Wednesday, June 18 between 
6-10 pm

Regular hours:
Thursday through Saturday 
4-10 pm

Volkshaus Basel,
Rebgasse 12-14
CH-4058 Basel

The fair is free and open 
to the public.


In English and German, published by DoPe Press & Walther König, Köln
Hardcover, boxed, 2 Vols, 9.5 x 11 in., 336 pages

LIVE focuses on an exhibition of new sculptural works at Museum Ludwig in Cologne, Germany, which included a full-scale reproduction of fragments of the artist’s Los Angeles house. The second volume comprises a photographic monograph of selected works covering the artist’s unconventional production over the past five years.


Magazine, 2014
Vegetable-tanned leather, four-color print, 22-carat gold, palladium-plated brass, and stainless steel.
Ed. 55 + 5 AP

Magazine celebrates the fragile aspect of a periodical. By turning the pages of PARIS, LA magazine into a unique bracelet, jewelry maker Ligia Dias confirms her interest in traditional and industrial materials, as well as her ability to combine luxury and natural attributes in one single object. Cut, gilded with 22-carat gold leaf, drilled, and held between two leather bands, Magazine becomes a formless, illegible book that can either be worn on the wrist or placed on display.