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'Seafood,' collage on paper, © Sammy Slabbinck 2013

‘Seafood,’ collage on paper, © Sammy Slabbinck 2013

This week on the blog we discovered, the wonderful public library collection at the Brand Library & Art Center in Glendale, CA, and the lotus bed in Echo Park Lake. We shared photos of Oscar Tuazon’s Live Steam Shift Whistle on The Downs, Bristol, UK, Joe Bradley’s exhibition at Le Consortium, art group Gelitin’s cave art in Costa Rica, and Maria Eisl’s new book 207 Photograms. We announced X-TRA magazine’s open call for applications for their writer-in-residence program in Pasadena, their magazine launch in Berlin, and a little taste of the upcoming fall issue. And, we gave you a sneak peak of the latest install at The Velveteria: Museum of Velvet Paintings.




As part of Arnolfini’s summer exhibition ‘The Promise,’ American artist Oscar Tuazon presents a specially commissioned sculpture Live Steam Shift Whistle (2014) on The Downs, Bristol.
The work, formed out of a 20 foot steel cylinder and large concrete fire pit, doubles as a community barbecue, and can emit steam and whistle.

Tuazon‘s striking, monolithic sculpture playfully questions the relationship between Bristol’s residents and one of its most iconic public spaces by opening The Downs for previously prohibited communal activity. The sculpture, which takes inspiration from the tradition of architectural follies in landscape parks, is a monument to the people’s use of the site and a shared cultural history. The dual function of his work harks back to an ancient tradition of communal sharing, eating and shelter by firelight.
oscar 2

Throughout the summer, the sculpture will play host to a programme of Summer Barbeques, catered by top Bristol restaurants Rice n Thing and The Cowshed. On the opening day, families are invited to use the sculpture themselves to barbeque and picnic in the picturesque area.

text from www.arnolfini.org.uk

16 Narrow Quay
Bristol BS1 4QA