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Hammer Museum director Ann Philbin announced last Thursday that “the ambitious multi-year project to renovate, expand, and transform the institution has taken a major step forward with the public launch of a $180 million capital campaign. The announcement coincides with a lead gift of $30 million from L.A. philanthropists Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick—the largest in the museum’s history. In recognition of this generous gift, the Hammer’s building will be dedicated as the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Cultural Center

“The transformation project is helmed by renowned architect Michael Maltzan, a longtime partner in enhancing the museum’s facility. Starting with the renovation of the museum’s exhibition galleries in 2017, the current project will continue in phases through 2020, culminating with a dramatic new presence for the museum on Wilshire Boulevard. The museum will remain free and open to the public throughout construction.”

Full press release: hammer.ucla.edu/Museum_Transformation/announcement

The redesign will pivot the main pedestrian entrance stairway from Wilshire to Westwood Boulevard. Image courtesy of Michael Maltzan Architecture.

Museum Transformation



THE MODERNIST (directed by Catherine Opie by way of Chris Marker’s La Jetée) is a deadpan eulogy to the demise of traditional American liberalism in the months leading up to the conflagration of Election Night 2016.

Stosh Fila (a.k.a. Pig Pen)—possibly playing either a Tea Partier or the owner of several “Feel the Bern” buttons—goes about his daily task of researching and then torching several once-avant-garde-but-now-mainstream architectural landmarks in the hills of Los Angeles: works by A. Quincy Jones and Pierre Koenig, and the John Lautner-designed homes of Benedict Taschen and James Goldstein.

Reports of these Oedipal feats of arson are splashed over the front pages of the Los Angeles Times, along with headlines noting Hillary Clinton’s “historic” Democratic nomination and the race for 270 electoral votes.

Fila creates a wall collage of yesterday’s papers, and as November 8 approaches, takes a match to his own creation.

To view the 22-minute film, Michael Maltzan has designed a sleek cinema inside Regen Projects, and thirty-three MODERNIST stills have been hung along the walls of the gallery.



REGEN PROJECTS, 6750 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles.



Stosh Fila (a.k.a. Pig Pen)  in The Modernist (2017). Image credit: Regen Projects.