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United States Poet Laureate Joy Harjo—author of An American Sunrise—will present recent and new work live from Oklahoma.

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Tuesday, March 23.

5 pm on the West Coast, 8 pm East Coast.

From top: Joy Harjo, photograph by Matika Wilbur, courtesy of REDCAT; Harjo, An American Sunrise (2020) cover image courtesy and © W. W. Norton.


Jessica Emmanuel presents ‘kwirē/, a new solo, multimedia dance work that “considers a dystopian world where the majority of historical and ancestral information has been destroyed.”

The wealthy have left the planet and few humans survived. A dance and sound retrieval system has been created to help us restore our connection to our memories and the history that is stored in our DNA. Guided by Emmanuel’s ancestors, she gathers and collects information, nurtures the soil and roots that are used to restore the earth for those left behind.* 

Filmed on the REDCAT stage and available to watch this week online, the work takes place in a sculptural installation created in collaboration between Emmanuel and Trulee Hall.

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Thursday and Friday, March 4 and 5.

8:30 pm on the West Coast, 11:30 pm East Coast.

Saturday, March 6.

5 pm on the West Coast, 8 pm East Coast.

From top: Jessica Emmanuel, ‘kwirē/; Emmanuel in Reflections of the Vastness Within at The Chronicles of LA: Chapter 2: Self, 2018; Emmanuel in Trilogy: Witnessing Her + Decolonize That Mind + Proliferation of Joy, Teatr Studio, Warsaw, 2018; Emmanuel in Poor Dog Group, Dionysia (aka Satyr Atlas), Getty Villa, 2011.


This year, the CalArts Winter Dance—presented with Redcat—will be online, “an immersive, digital performance… synthesizing the embodied memories of the faculty and students… charting [their] personal and shared histories with fresh insights through cutting-edge cartographies, [imagining] new dances in new forms through new technologies”*

Works by Holley Farmer (Bricolage), Rosanna Gamson / World Wide (vignettes from As Yet Untitled), Yusha-Marie Sorzano (Threat), Spenser Theberge (Fit), and Sam Wentz (the proximity dance), are scheduled for this weekend. See link below for details.


Sharon Disney Lund Dance Series, co-presented with Redcat

Friday, December 4, at 8:30 pm PST.

Saturday, December 5, at 4 pm PST.

From top: Yusha-Marie Sorzano, photograph by Eric Politzer; Holley Farmer, image courtesy The Pool, the CalArts alumni magazine; Rosanna Gamson / World Wide, Sugar Houses, photograph by Rebecca Green; Winter Dance Concert; Spenser Theberge, photograph by Jacob Jonas; Sam Wentz, photograph by Anca Brizan. Images courtesy and © the artists, the photographers, CalArts, and Redcat.


REDCAT presents a virtual screening of the documentary EXILE SHANGHAI, followed by a Q & A with its director Ulrike Ottinger.

Shot by Ottinger herself, the film conjures memories of Jewish immigrant lives in Shanghai—from Sephardim in the mid-19th century, to Russian emigrés escaping pogroms, to Europeans fleeing the Shoah. Unexpected versions of utopias emerged—such as the existence of a queer scene or the opening of Viennese-style pastry shops in the ghetto where the community was confined during the Japanese occupation.*

This event is curated by Bérénice Reynaud. See link below for details.


Saturday, September 19.

4:30 pm on the West Coast; 7:30 East Coast.

Intermission: 7 pm on the West Coast; 10 pm East Coast.

Screening resumes at 7:30 pm PDT, followed by the Q & A.

From September 19 at 4:30 pm PDT, EXILE SHANGHAI will be available to stream for 72 hours

Ulrike Ottinger, Exile Shanghai (1997). Film images (8) and Ottinger portrait (2010) courtesy and © Ulrike Ottinger Filmproduktion.


AUSTYN RICH takes over Redcat’s social media on Saturday with a preview of new work, a look at life in quarantine, and a special presentation of LUNCHBOX—A MOVEMENT COMPOSITION SESSION.

My new project, LUNCHBOX, consists of a movement composition session where participants and l gather to share movement compositions in response to prompts or ideas I have prepared. Participants are given the opportunity to share their short pieces by using the “request-to-join” feature. This session will not be a performance but space to exercise movement expression. — AUSTYN RICH

See link below for more details.


Saturday, July 11.

5 pm on the West Coast; 8 pm East Coast.

AUSTYN RICH, from top: Photograph by Laura McCluskey; STAY SANE, photograph by Sam Trotter; BITE (2), photographs by Brian Hashimoto; TECHNICAL FOUL, photograph by Hiroshi Clark. Images courtesy and © the photographers and AUSTYN RICH.