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I saw a call for the “Best American Experimental Writing,” and it said something like, “Bring us your weirdest, your wildest writing.” And I thought, Is that it? What creates the experimental, the innovative, the hybrid that has to be weird or wild? There’s always grace, there’s always stealth, there’s always nuance, there’s always structural intervention. And, depending on readers, one might not always notice what literary forms are being manipulated until you get uncomfortable with your expectations not being met. The tag on the book says one thing, but your experience of what you’re reading is doing something else. — Tisa Bryant*

Join Bryant—author of Unexplained Presence and a forthcoming book from Semiotext(e)—and Cauleen Smith in conversation as part of LACMA’s Confabulations series.

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Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Tuesday, February 23.

6 pm on the West Coast; 9 pm East Coast.

*“Hybrid ‘I’: Tisa Bryant, Anelise Chen, Chris Kraus, and Q. M. Zhang in Conversation,” PARIS LA 16 (2018), 174–177.

From top: Tisa Bryant, courtesy of the author; Cauleen Smith, courtesy of the artist, Cauleen Smith, Sojourner (2018), digital video, color sound; Tisa Bryant, Unexplained Presence (2007), cover image courtesy and © Leon Works.


I always think of Sojourner as being in conversation with many different objects, wallpapers, surfaces, textures, and banners. By the time viewers watch the film, they have already received so much informational groundwork from the environment that the film can focus on conveying a particular kind of imagery or feeling. When the title credits appear at the end of Sojourner, the room is completely dark, and that’s the moment when people can see the disco ball installation producing a cosmos on the ceiling. I always consider who the work is made for and what I want it to convey. It is so important that people are given an experience that cultivates their intellectual and physical well-being. That’s why I started making installations for my films, instead of simply showing them. — Cauleen Smith

MUTUALITIES—Smith’s first solo exhibition in New York City—has reopened at the Whitney. The show, which includes her 22-minute video installation Sojourner, was organized by Chrissie Iles, with Clémence White.

This week, join Smith and curator Amber Esseiva for a virtual conversation presented by the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard.

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Through January 31, by appointment.

Whitney Museum of American Art

99 Gansevoort Street, New York City.


Thursday, September 10.

4:30 pm on the West Coast; 7:30 pm East Coast.

Cauleen Smith, Mutualities, Whitney Museum of American Art, February 17, 2020–January 31, 2021, from top: Alexis Hold Audre Lorde, 2020, from the ongoing series Firespitters, gouache, graphite, and acrylic ink on paper; Gregg Bordowitz, 2020, Firespitters series, gouache, graphite, and acrylic ink on paper; Sojourner, 2018, stills (2), video, color, sound; Pilgrim, 2017, still, video, color, sound, Whitney Museum of American Art; Natalie Holds Dionne Brand, 2020, Firespitters series, gouache, graphite, and acrylic ink on paper; Natalie Diaz, 2020, Firespitters series, gouache, graphite, and acrylic ink on paper. Artwork and video images courtesy and © the artist, Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago, and Kate Werble Gallery, New York City. Firespitters series photographs by Matthew Sherman, courtesy of the photographer and the Whitney Museum of American Art.