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AUSTYN RICH takes over Redcat’s social media on Saturday with a preview of new work, a look at life in quarantine, and a special presentation of LUNCHBOX—A MOVEMENT COMPOSITION SESSION.

My new project, LUNCHBOX, consists of a movement composition session where participants and l gather to share movement compositions in response to prompts or ideas I have prepared. Participants are given the opportunity to share their short pieces by using the “request-to-join” feature. This session will not be a performance but space to exercise movement expression. — AUSTYN RICH

See link below for more details.


Saturday, July 11.

5 pm on the West Coast; 8 pm East Coast.

AUSTYN RICH, from top: Photograph by Laura McCluskey; STAY SANE, photograph by Sam Trotter; BITE (2), photographs by Brian Hashimoto; TECHNICAL FOUL, photograph by Hiroshi Clark. Images courtesy and © the photographers and AUSTYN RICH.