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I know a lot about alienation… I think all women filmmakers are aware of it. It was the subject of a lot of the conversations I had with Maya Deren. We agreed that we were always going to present a united front to the world…

I would not have been able to make THE COOL WORLD had I not been living with Carl Lee at that time. It took Carl three months of going up to Harlem all the time, gathering kids, and bringing them down for us to interview… The “good” kids in school weren’t giving us believable readings… I finally persuaded Carl to try to get to the gangs, [and] it was very exciting because the “real” kids started improvising the script we had written right back to us.Shirley Clarke

As part of the UCLA Film and Television Archive series American Neorealism, Part One—1948–1984, Clarke’s THE COOL WORLD will screen at the Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum this weekend on a double bill with Michael Roemer’s Nothing But a Man.

Frederick Wiseman produced THE COOL WORLD, and the jazz score is by Mal Waldron, with Dizzy Gillespie on the soundtrack.


Saturday, January 18, at 7:30 pm.

Billy Wilder Theater—Hammer Museum

10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles.

Shirley Clarke, The Cool World (1964). Film stills and (above) photographs of Clarke on set and with composer Mal Waldron. Images courtesy the filmmaker’s estate, the actors, the producers, and the distributors.


(image from LIFE archives)

George Van Tassel’s underground home beneath a giant rock in the Mojave Desert (image from LIFE archives)


MONDAY: The Integratron built by UFOlogist George Van Tassel in the Mojave Desert!

TUESDAY: Robin Cameron‘s lovely prints, sculptures, paintings, and her new artists’ book at Room East NYC

WEDNESDAY: Familiar objects altered at “The Motorman” group exhibition, Richard Telles Fine Art, L.A.

THURSDAY: Made in LA opens this weekend at The Hammer! AND Eden Batki’s delicious food @ Night Gallery!

FRIDAY: Oscar Tuazon‘s new project space, A Corner Door, opens with an exhibition by Nate Page

Flying Saucer Convention, 1957, Mojave Desert (image from LIFE archives)

George Van Tassel’s Flying Saucer Convention, 1957, Mojave Desert (image from LIFE archives)


George Van Tassel’s Flying Saucer Convention, 1957, Mojave Desert (image from LIFE archives)