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Support The Song Cave by purchasing a limited edition print by Kim Gordon or Hedi El Kholti or one of the other hundred or so artists, poets, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, and actors who have donated work to this year’s initiative, the theme of which is “mirages.”

Artworks are 5×7 C-prints, each in an edition of 30. See link below for details.


Through March 26.

From top: Hedi El Kholti, Place in the Sun; Eileen Myles, At Book; Wayne Koestenbaum, The Book of Mirages; Wendy Xu, Televisions; Brontez Purnell, Untitled; Kim Gordon, Drone; Cedar Sigo, Untitled. Images courtesy and © the artists and The Song Cave.


A new English-language translation of MY MOTHER LAUGHSChantal Akerman’s final book—is out now from The Song Cave.

“She’s constantly saying the same thing over and over again and when I say to her you already told me that, she gets mad.

I don’t have the right to speak here anymore, I’m stopped immediately.

The next time she repeats herself I say nothing, but I sigh.

She catches it or not, I don’t know.

She says nothing and continues her taxi and airport story, about a wealthy woman who was in the hospital with cancer and a man who was in the hospital because he had fallen in his apartment at 48 years old, still in his prime. Now it will never be the same again. He was still walking and eating fine.

It rains, it rains. Yet it’s summer.” — Chantal Akerman, from My Mother Laughs, translated by Corina Copp.

Book cover image, with photograph of Chantal Akerman by Babette Mangolte, courtesy and © The Song Cave, 2019; Chantal AkermanNo Home Movie, 2015, video still, courtesy and © Icarus Films; Akerman with her mother, courtesy and © The Song Cave.