THE BOUDOIR BIBLEBetony Vernon’s sex-positive pillow book—was first published in 2013. A third printing—updated for the digital age, with new illustrations by François Berthoud—is out now from Rizzoli.

Betony—a sexual anthropologist and erotic jewelry designer—wrote THE BOUDOIR BIBLE to “provide basic body understanding that we all should have learned at school but didn’t. It fills those niches missing from other sex guides, including full, elaborated chapters on rope bondage, restraint of sound and sight, erotic flagellation and the stimulation of new erogenous zones among innumerable other offerings.”

BETONY VERNON, THE BOUDOIR BIBLE: THE UNINHIBITED SEX GUIDE FOR TODAY, illustrated by FRANÇOIS BERTHOUD (Rizzoli International Publications, third printing, 2019).

Betony Vernon, The Boudoir Bible, from top: illustrations by François Berthoud (3); photograph of Vernon by Ali Mahdavi; Rizzoli book cover; illustrations by Berthoud (2). Images courtesy and © the author, the illustrator, the photographer, and Rizzoli International Publications.

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