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“For the first time and for one night only, the theatrical premiere of the film LAZARUS – shot during the London theatrical production – will be soundtracked live by the actual band who brought the show to life in New York, including the four songs written specifically for LAZARUS: the title cut, and ‘No Plan,’ ‘Killing a Little Time,’ and ‘When I Met You’).

“The LAZARUS band is comprised of musical director/arranger/keyboardist Henry Hey, keyboardist/guitarist JJ Appleton, drummer Brian Delaney, saxophonist Lucas Dodd, bassist Fima Ephron, trombonist Karl Lyden and guitarist Chris McQueen.”*

Written by David Bowie and Enda WalshLAZARUS was inspired by the Walter Tevis novel The Man Who Fell to Earth.


LAZARUS, Wednesday, May 2, at 8 pm.

KINGS THEATRE, 1027 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn.

Above: Julie Yammanee and Michael C. Hall in Lazarus. Photograph by Jan Versweyveld.

Below: Michael Esper, Amy Lennox, and Hall. Photograph by Johan Persson.

Bottom: Hall. Photograph by Jan Versweyveld.



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