Carl Fieger (1893–1960)—initially a draftsman in the office of Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer—made architectural history with his first building. “Though the single-family house of 1924 remained an experimental building, the circular building (a Wohnmaschine, or machine for living in) had an immense effect on the professional community and future architects. It was an important contribution to the search for new standards in housing construction.”*

CARL FIEGER—FROM BAUHAUS TO BAUAKEDEMIE brings together the architect and designer’s original drawings, architectural models, furniture, photographs and works produced as a student. His versatile artistic approaches “retain the multifaceted character of the Bauhaus in its role as a school of design.”*



Through October 31.

BAUHAUS DESSAU, Gropiusallee 38 Dessau-Rosslau.

Carl Fieger catalogue

Above: Carl Fieger, Haus Fieger, Dessau, 1927.

Below: Carl Fieger, drawing Haus Fieger. Image credit: Bauhaus Dessau.

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