DANCE CAMERA WEST 2020 is here.

Join founder Kelly Hargraves at Redcat and the Downtown Independent Cinema for a long weekend of extraordinary artistry, resilience, and performance on film.

Opening night will feature a Q & A with special guests Katrina McPherson and Édouard Lock following a screening of the CalArts School of Dance film ONE ANOTHER.

On Friday evening there are two programs of shorts, and Saturday’s programs include the features THREE DANCES (directed by Glória Halász), FROM KNEE TO HEART (a portrait of Sol Picó directed by Susanna Barranco), and KREATUR (featuring members of the dance company Sasha Waltz and Guests).

The first three days are at Redcat before moving to the Downtown Independent for Sunday’s free matinee program. See links below for full schedule.


Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, January 9, 10, and 11.


631 West 2nd Street, downtown Los Angeles.

Sunday, January 12, from noon.

Downtown Independent Cinema

251 South Main Street, Los Angeles.

From top: Sasha Waltz and Guests, Kreatur(2); Susanna Barranco, From Knee to Heart; Juan Medellín (left) and dancer in Andrew Houchens, Juan of the Witches; Will Johnston, Cielo; Janique Robillard, From There to Here; Teddy Tedholm, Don’t Miss It; Sofia Castro, Maids; Kelly Hargraves; Antoine Panier, Making Men; Glória Halász, Three Dances; Roseanna Anderson and Joshua Ben-Tovim, The Ballet of the Nations (2). Images courtesy and © the artists, dancers, photographers, producers, Dance Camera West, L.A. Dance Chronicle, and Kelly Hargraves.

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