The resonance with this work is that so many can identify with it. Identity is a noun. It is what you are. It’s how you come out of your mother. But when you identify with something outside of yourself, it’s active. It’s a verb. That’s how you start constructing who you are as a subject, a person—internally, emotionally, spiritually—and imagining how you can be in the world. Now people say, “If you can see it you can be it.” This is the very meaning of inspiration. — Deborah Kass*

PAINTING AND SCULPTURE—a show that pairs new work with historical pieces by Kass—is now on view in Chicago. See link below for details.


Through February 1.

Kavi Gupta

219 North Elizabeth Street, Chicago.

Deborah Kass, Painting and Sculpture, Kavi Gupta, September 11, 2020–February 1, 2021, from top: Don’t Stop, 2019, acrylic and neon on canvas; After Louise Bourgeois, 2010, neon and transformers on powder coated aluminum; Daddy I Would Love to Dance (Rays / Stella), 2008, acrylic on canvas; Just a Shot Away, 2015, acrylic on canvas; Painting and Sculpture installation view; Kass in front of Everybody, 2019, acrylic and neon on canvas; Emergency (Red, Yellow, Blue), 2019 (detail), acrylic and neon on canvas; Don’t Stop 3 (Yellow, Yellow, Yellow), 2020, acrylic and neon on canvas. Images © Deborah Kass, courtesy of the artist and Kavi Gupta.

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