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“I was the male lead. But I was completely unaware of what MY HUSTLER was all about. They didn’t tell me. I was on LSD the whole time, and I thought I was just going through some practice motions.

“It was shot in one day, and though we wanted to go back to Fire Island to finish it, we couldn’t because there was trouble with the man who put up the money. We used his house for the movie, and it was destroyed – the furniture all torn up and burned in the fireplace. We were like little children in a playpen.” — Paul America

This weekend, Dynasty Typewriter and the Voyager Institute present a 50th-anniversary celebration of Most Unusual Film Festival, the groundbreaking, queer-centric fest at the old Park Theater in MacArthur Park.

Curator Bret Berg has programmed two films from 1965—Andy Warhol’s MY HUSTLER, and JEROVI, a short portrait of Jeroví Sansón Carrasco as Narcissus, directed José Rodríguez-Soltero—for this opening night of Dirty Looks on Location, 2018.

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MY HUSTLER preceded by JEROVI, Sunday, July 1, at 7 pm.

HAYWORTH, 2511 Wilshire Boulevard, MacArthur Park, Los Angeles.


See: pdome.org/jose-rodriguez-soltero

Top: My Hustler, which had a 7-week run at the Hudson.

Above: Jeroví Sansón Carrasco in Jerovi.

Below: Paul America (foreground) and Joe Campbell in My Hustler.

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