JANA EULER «Where the energy comes from» (30.08. – 09.11.14)

Kunsthalle Zürich presents the first comprehensive institutional solo show by Jana Euler (born in Friedberg, Germany in 1982, lives and works in Brussels). The exhibition is entitled «Where the energy comes from» and comprises all new works created for this show. The exhibition and the accompanying catalogue are organised in collaboration with the Bonner Kunstverein, where the presentation will be on show from December 6, 2014 to March 1, 2015.

Jana Euler’s work encompasses a variety of artistic media, aesthetic decisions and discursive practices. Her paintings, sculptures and texts explore the possibilities of digital and analogue images and respond to our contemporary conditions of experience with optical, cognitive and sensual models and vehicles of reflection.

The real material and hyperreal states of objects and subjects carry equal weight in Euler’s works. Through their dynamic interplay in her works, figurative, abstract and surreal forms of representation shift our perception and the definition of reality and image. The figures in the artist’s paintings are simultaneously physis and bearers of wide-ranging social and cultural-historical relationships.

text from kunsthallezurich.ch

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