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“When I was [a young poet], I was not living in the present. I was living in the future, projecting the past in the future. Without being able to love, to be alive, because I was society’s ill. In order to get out of illness, I needed to live a lot.” — Alejandro Jodorowsky*

At what point in his misspent youth did Alejandro start seeing the magic in everyday life? Maybe it was when the drunk he encountered on the street in Santiago told him, “A naked virgin will guide your path with a blazing butterfly.”

His father’s militant atheism gave Alejandro a blank page on which to conjure the most fantastic scenarios, and a swirling cast of fellow poets, sorcerers, freaks, seekers, and lovers helped point the way—to Europe, to freedom, to filmmaking.

This is the story—the Chilean Years—Jodorowsky told in The Dance of Reality (2013), and continues in ENDLESS POETRY, an engaging cinematic game of “I remember” now playing at the Nuart.

The poet-future director in his twenties is played by his son Adan, and an older son, Brontis, plays his father. Every now and then Alejandro himself appears on screen—ageless, animated, and no doubt plotting the next chapter of his film autobiography: Paris and Mexico, the Panic Movement and the comic Fábulas PánicasLeonora Carrington, and his first feature film, Fando y Lis.

“Before I was born, I was something. When I leave this world, I will be something. I don’t know what. But it will be something in happiness.”*

ENDLESS POETRY, through July 27.

NUART THEATRE, 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles.


See: pardo.ch/en/pardo/program/film?fid=892260&eid=69&

*Jodi Wille and Adam Parfrey, “The Psychomagical Life of Alejandro Jodorowsky,” Flaunt 104 (2009): 103.

On the set of Endless Poetry. Alejandro Jodorowsky, standing left, and Adan Jodorowsky, standing right. Photograph copyright © Pascale Montandon-Jodorowsky.

Poesía Sin Fin : Foto Alejandro Jodorowsky



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