“[You might say,] “I don’t agree. Hip-hop is no more than a good piece of music, and that’s it.” You may be absolutely correct on that level. But, there are some of us over here who say that we are philosophers. We are nation builders.We are civilization builders. We’ve been preaching this nonsense for twenty-three years. It’s time to shup-up now, and put your money where you mouth is. The Gospel of Hip Hop forms the nation. And, let me tell you, this is a great revolution. It’s a silent one. It’s a bloodless one. It’s going to be the greatest revolution in all of world history, when hip-hop realizes that it is its own thing.[…] This is the first time that innercity youth, Black, have actually made money on their own creativity. This is a testament to the end of slavery. This is a testament to the United States. Even from a linguistic point of view, we’re making money on our own language for the first time. That word, “nigga”—that’s a very financially rewarding word to hip-hop. For us to stop saying that word cuts into our money.”



Excerpt from the interview of KRS-One by Travis Atria in Wax Poetics Issue #41 (the hip-hop issue).

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