You see a couch and a wall painting hanging over it, speech bubbles in which I write that most of my female friends have a kid, and always talk about pregnancy stuff. I am complaining here. A garbage bag is added, a domestic element, clean up that garbage (!), left at random with this artwork.

2000: I am then in my mid forties and the decision to not have kids I had made by then. This was a choice that we, the baby-boomer generation of women, had. Birth control, career or family. Most of my friends my age and art school decided not to have kids. But then later I met a generation of younger women artists, and suddenly they all had a kid. I saw how for some of them it damaged their careers. And I saw their happiness and I loved their kids. I never had felt the desire to have kids and felt okay with it. But I had mixed feelings… — Lily van der Stokker

Van der Stokker’s project for mezzaterra 11–flat gallery—an adaptation of her Female Friends, from 2003—is up through the end of the year.


Through December 31.

mezzaterra 11–flat gallery

Belluno, Italy.

Lily van der Stokker, mezzaterra 11–flat gallery, Belluno, September 18, 2020–December 31, 2020. Images © Lily van der Stokker, courtesy of the artist and mezzaterra 11–flat gallery.

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