‘Los Angeles Plays Itself’ is Thom Anderson’s epic 2003 documentary about the depiction of the city of Los Angeles in film. The entire film is a collage of found footage from films set in L.A. accompanied by Anderson’s narration. The three hour film has had a strong underground following, but because it would have cost Anderson tons of money to clear the rights to all of the footage he used, it was not released. But, on September 30th, the film will finally be officially released for home entertainment by the Cinema Guild. Entertainment lawyers were able to argue fair use for all of the clips Anderson used to insure it against any lawsuits. This is exciting news for those who have been waiting to finally see this amazing film. If you are in Los Angels and you can’t wait until Sept 30th and you want to see the film projected on the big screen, Cinefamily has been playing the film all week with final showings tonight at 7:20pm and 10:50pm. I can’t wait!

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