“Many Yugoslavian films have previously found an answer in fate—the people’s unrestrained nature, or the arrogance of its leaders. [Filmmaker and educator] Želimir Žilnik takes a different position: he thinks that the failures are a logical consequence of decades of willingness to support one’s own leaders, without ever looking across the borders to see how others live.” — Rotterdam International Film Festival

In Žilnik’s MARBLE ASS (1995), a transvestite couple in Belgrade—actors of pacifist intervention—protect and save underage girls, fragile mothers, and helpless old women by turning trick after trick with their city’s rapists, loners, gamblers, and horny young studs—all soldiers returned from the Yugoslav Wars.

MARBLE ASS, which won the Teddy for best feature at the 1995 Berlinale, stars the late Vjeran Miladinović playing a version of herself.

MARBLE ASS, Sunday, May 28, at 5 pm.

ANTHOLOGY FILM ARCHIVES, 32 Second Avenue, at 2nd Street, New York City.

See Tina Poglajen’s recent Film Comment interview with Žilnik:

Marble Ass

Vjeran Miladinović (right) in Marble Ass (1995)

Vjeran Miladinović (left) in Marble Ass (1995), directed by Želimir Žilnik. Image credit: Rare Film

Vjeran Miladinović (left) in Marble Ass (1995).
Image credit: Rare Film

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