This week at REDCAT, by Kyle Rosen—

The debut of two pieces (this and T’filat haDerech) and excerpts from an opera (Little Bear) by Marc Lowenstein will bring together a cast of musicians from a rapidly growing, increasingly compelling, experimental music scene. Lowenstein is a composer, conductor, singer, and director of the budding LA-based opera company The Industry, and his work traverses and collapses musical, textual, and even mediatic boundaries.

By turns playful and lyrical, Lowenstein’s compositional language reflects not only his groundness in the avant-garde tradition, but perhaps more importantly illuminates one of the positive directions in which that tradition—though undoubtedly splintered—might be headed. Replete with Buddhist, Sufi, and Hebrew texts, a cello concerto, and a foray into the world of children’s stories, Thursday night’s program will reflect the composer’s eclectic interest in a variety of musical forms and expand upon an already engaging body of work.


MARC LOWENSTEIN, Thursday, April 6 at 8:30 pm.

REDCAT, Disney Hall, downtown Los Angeles

Marc Lowenstein Photo courtesy of the artist.

Marc Lowenstein
Photo courtesy of the artist.

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