Megan Marrin:

A show originally conceived of last year as a set of eight paintings, that then became four paintings…a show originally set for April, that then became September.

The last show I did was three years ago, and was about the life and death cycle, as well peripherally, about the news cycle. After the life and death cycle, it seemed a natural transition into a rest and healing interlude, a period of convalescence. Initially an investigation into wellness, spas, and sanitariums, the focus then moved to one object that would stand-in for that research. This object, the rib-cage shower, interpreted four times, is a relic of treatment, hygiene, and rejuvenation. It also looks like it’s name…a rib-cage, a cage.

Marrin’s show CONVALESCENCE is on view through the end of the week.


Through November 21.

Queer Thoughts

373 Broadway, #C9, New York City.

Megan Marrin, Convalescence, Queer Thoughts, September 24, 2020–November 21, 2020, from top: The Routine, 2020, oil on canvas on styrofoam; The Rest Cure, 2020, oil on canvas on styrofoam; The Reclamation, 2020, oil on canvas on styrofoam; The Regimen, 2020, oil on canvas on styrofoam. Images © Megan Marrin, courtesy of the artist and Queer Thoughts.

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