“Toward the end of his career, Mike Kelley produced works that increasingly invoked elaborate webs of references and associations. His last two videos, VICE ANGLAIS and MADE IN ENGLAND, are no exception. Join us this week for a screening of these two works at Hauser & Wirth, when John Miller —the artist, musician, and author of Mike Kelley: Educational Complex—will lead a introduction and discussion and explore some of the allusions Kelley packed into these videos. He will situate them in the decadent/romantic literary tradition, examine their basis in the narrative of Dante Gabriel Rosetti, and consider the impact of the director Ken Russell on the stylization of Kelley’s late work.”*


MIKE KELLEY—VICE ANGLAIS and MADE IN ENGLAND, Thursday, December 14, at 7 pm.

MIKE KELLEY—KANDORS, through January 21.

HAUSER & WIRTH LOS ANGELES, 901 East 3rd Street, downtown Los Angeles.



Mike Kelley, Extracurricular Activity Projective Reconstruction #36 (Vice Anglais), 2011.

Art © Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts. Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Photograph by Jennie Warren.


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