Olivier Dubois has created with TRAGÉDIE his very own Sacre du printemps, or his own Boléro.” — Libération*

As part of this year’s Festival Paris l’été, Dubois brings back his dance work TRAGÉDIE.

“Experience a blinding, dazzling, deafening humanity. No longer able to distinguish individual bodies rising to the surface from masses in movement, the piece presents a quivering, archaic momentum. With TRAGÉDIE, Dubois plunges the audience into a sensation of the world beyond mere choreography. Humanity is not the simple fact of being a man or a woman and therein lies the tragedy of our existence, for it is only among bodies and through the earthbound pressures of our steps and our conscious, voluntary commitment that humanity will truly emerge.”*


COMPAGNIE OLIVIER DUBOIS – TRAGÉDIE, Thursday through Saturday, July 19, 20, and 21, at 10 pm.

LYCÉE JACQUES DECOUR, 12 Avenue Trudaine, 9th, Paris.



Compagnie Olivier Dubois, Tragédie.




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