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Lutz invited his audience to the Salle Pleyel in Paris to present his spring 2019 collection. While the red light on the red carpet recalled a nightclub ethos, the Art Deco style of the room harks back to classical and traditional qualities in the atmosphere. His collection followed this path with rigorous cuts and odd […]


"PARIS LA is born of shared perspectives. It’s a project, like a love story, that comes from the feeling of being in one place, thinking about another. A place between two cities, between scenes, between people, that exists only in the space of our imagination. In Paris, dreaming of the Pacific. Speaking French in LA. And it’s as true as a clear blue sky above us."—Dorothée Perret, Founder Editor (Paris, November 9, 2008)


On the occasion of the closing day SENGA NENGUDI—IMPROVISATIONAL GESTURES, a day-long symposium presented in conjunction with the exhibition will take place this weekend at CAAM and USC. During the morning sessions, Nengudi will be joined by Selma Holo, Chelo Montoya, Elissa Auther, Uri McMillan, Grant Johnson, Barbara McCullough, Isabel Wade, and Maren Hassinger. After lunch, Nengudi’s work R.S.V.P. will be performed, and the afternoon […]


The great Pilobolus dance company will perform at this year’s DANCE CAMERA WEST—TO THE SEA weekend, joined on Friday night by Jacob “Kujo” Lyons, Vincent Paterson, and TO THE SEA organizers Jacob Jonas The Company.   PILOBOLUS—TO THE SEA, Friday, April 13, at 6:30 pm. eventbrite.com/e/to-the-sea-dance-concerts-on-the-pier-tickets TO THE SEA, Friday through Sunday, April 13, 14, and […]


“Most of us hide most of the time. We don’t want people aware of what we are feeling. But that day, very few people were hiding. It was a consistent wave of emotion without interruption.” — Paul Fusco THE TRAIN—RFK’S LAST JOURNEY—a three-part exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art—documents the funeral train of Robert […]


At this week’s INSTITUTE FOR THEATRE AND SOCIAL CHANGE CONFERENCE, Bryonn Bain will give the keynote address A DIALOGUE ON RADICAL FICTIONS and join an opening night panel including authors Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro, Jody Armour, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, and Brent Blair. The conference will feature a performance of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ “brilliantly crafted” play AN OCTOROON. “From Dion Boucicault’s 1859 play […]