The exhibition of Ruby Neri’s new large-scale sculptures at David Kordansky will be up for one more week.

“The aura of confidence that animates the sculptures is due in no small part to the physical solidity of clay and Neri’s handling of it. Fusing elements that can be read as handles, for instance, with the limbs of the figures or their ropes of yellow hair, she builds hybridized objects that literalize the implied corporeality of the vessel, thereby emphasizing its centrality in the development of human culture…

“The scale of these works gives them architectural presence as well, generating comparisons to geological formations and trees (some include images of exaggerated flowers), or archaic totems constructed by a matriarchal society. In some cases, bulbous protrusions on their sides contain apertures that permit visual access to their interiors.”*


Through June 15.

David Kordansky Gallery

5130 West Edgewood Place, Los Angeles.

Ruby Neri, ceramic with glaze, from top: Ghosts, 2019 (2); Pietà, 2019 (3); Women with Dolls in Their Laps, 2019 (3); installation view, David Kordansky Gallery, 2019; Untitled, 2019 (2); High Kicker, 2019 (3). Images courtesy and © the artist and David Kordansky Gallery.

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