The Llano Del Rio Collective’s Map For An Other LA (2010), available through Half Letter Press (image

Biome Re-imagining Workshop: Plan For An Other Santa Monica

Saturday, May 3, 2014 | 1:30PM–3:30PM

Join members of the Llano Del Rio Collective, Fritz Haeg and Robby Herbst, to reimagine Santa Monica in an ecological and communitarian way. The workshop will begin with a conversation about the natural and human ecology of the area, as well as historic and contemporary alternatives for these architectural and natural systems. Participants will develop a “Plan For An Other Santa Monica,” which will be included in the Llano Del Rio Collective’s online archive of alternative guides to Los Angeles.

Biome Re-imagining Workshop: Plan For An Other Santa Monica is a part of SMMoA’s Park Studio: Tree House Public Program series.


Fred Dewey, Simone Forti, Jeremiah Day, Newsanimations (2012), Performance at Errant Bodies in Berlin, Photo by Michael Schultze, Courtesy of the Artists (

Nonfictions Performance with Jeremiah Day, Simone Forti, and Fred Dewey

The Santa Monica Museum of Art presents two live performances, on May 1 and 3, by Jeremiah Day, Simone Forti, and Fred Dewey. The trio has been working together in various configurations since the 1990s, using art to represent the collision of personal, civic, and public life. Each performance consists of slideshow presentations by Day, dance solos by Forti, and forms of unscripted public address from Dewey.

Nonfictions: Jeremiah Day/Simone Forti/Fred Dewey is part of the trio’s ongoing public investigation of artistic collaboration and improvisation. The exhibition opens at SMMoA on Saturday, May 17.  

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